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The APEX 850 mega sloop is one of the most exciting concepts the yachting world has ever seen.


Dramatic in scale yet infinitely elegant in appearance, it is hard to anticipate the impact of the 85m/279ft APEX 850, which will feature a towering rig of 107m, qualifying the concept as both the world’s largest sloop-rigged superyacht and the world’s largest aluminium sailing yacht.


Designed by Malcolm McKeon Yacht Design for construction at Royal Huisman, this ambitious fully-resolved concept will comprehensively redefine the on-board lifestyle and sailing experience.  The iconic innovators behind the APEX 850 come with a pedigree that hardly needs introduction to followers of the world’s leading sailing superyachts.


The APEX 850 is ready to commence build, with the bold concept simply awaiting the styling refinements of an inspired owner, who will benefit from two years’ saved development time.


For a yacht of such dominating proportions, the Apex 850 rests at anchor in a surprisingly subtle fashion.  The elongated, sleek hull has a gentle sheer and a reverse bow, lying like a feather on the water’s surface, but the yacht’s stunning scale and status is undeniable.


On deck, an all-glass superstructure shimmers with ethereal quality.  This superstructure houses a pivotal 200sq.m single-level social space but from on deck, you wouldn’t know it - nor are you meant to.  Minimalism is the design ethos of the APEX 850 and this architectural element of the yacht not only supports that minimalism but also enhances it, with the ‘white glass’ devoid of reflections.  Continuous glass sides provide virtually see-through exterior panels, while also acting as a principal, yet invisible, structural component.


There’s an al fresco fining area between the helm and full-beam superstructure doors, and the main saloon enjoys 360-degree views, delivering an omnipresent connection with the sea.  This connection is further enhanced by the ability of the glass doors to drop out of sight into hidden cassettes, allowing the space to be completely opened to the elements and uninterrupted deck spaces to run from stem to stern.


It is impossible not to be awe-struck by the sheer scale of the flush deck. Two 8m tenders are secreted beneath, along with their deployment crane, and without winches, furlers, mooring cleats, anchor gear or other deck equipment in sight (all are sited or retracted below deck), the deck design achieves a chic minimalism that keeps the focus firmly experiential. 


Ahead of the mast, the forward-facing guest cockpit is strategically sited to focus the eye on the horizon and the spectacle of the yacht’s fast motion, instead of focusing on the yacht itself and intensifying the viewer’s response to the surrounding sea and landscape. The forward cockpit is a snug and secure spot for guests to gather while at anchor or underway, and can be sheltered by a Moroccan Bedouin-style tent.


The APEX 850 has accommodation for 12 in five magnificent suites.  The owner’s apartment is positioned to aft and occupies some 250sq.m of real estate.  A huge bed sits on the centreline and the stateroom encompasses a private lounge with giant TV screen, a walk-in wardrobe and a spacious ensuite bathroom with adjacent sauna.  The owner’s living space also features its own private kitchenette.


Doors from the owner’s apartment lead to the beach club, which doubles as a cinema room with floor-to-ceiling glass on either side.  This aft deck space can be reserved for the exclusive use of the owner or shared with guests, with the beach club also accessible from the main deck.


Further aft, the transom and a section of deck swing silently out and over the water to reveal an expansive 50sq.m swim platform, gym and social area.

The four guest suites, of 30sq.m each, have versatile twin or double configurations and additional Pulman berths. 


The APEX 850 has accommodation for a crew of 14, with their quarters incorporating the expected crew mess, galley and utilities, but also relaxation and study space.


Other lifestyle amenities aboard the Apex 850 include a wine cave, a large guest lobby, dedicated scuba diving store and access to the side swim platforms from the midships lazarette.


With innovative engineering from Royal Huisman, the APEX 850’s aluminium hull will be immensely strong and resilient – lighter than steel, quieter than carbon and virtually corrosion-free. The 85m hull is complemented by twin carbon rudders and a retractable keel reaching from 5m to 8.5m provides balance and stability as well as access to shallower harbours.


Leading-edge diesel/electric propulsion and energy generation/management technologies will optimise energy efficiency and minimise environmental impact. Propulsion is via twin propellers, capable of generating energy under sail as well as drawing upon it under motor. The ship’s energy demands are met by load-following generators and advanced battery bank reserves, all run through a Smart energy management system that optimises fuel efficiency while reliably meeting diverse load requirements.  Stored energy is capable of meeting accommodation and hospitality service needs in Silent Mode overnight, substantially mitigating noise and exhaust pollution. The battery banks are also able to hoist sails, permitting a silent departure from anchorage.


The immensely powerful rig features an imposing carbon mast and furling boom with continuous carbon rigging to support 3,200sq.m of upwind sail area (main and blade) and 4,700sq.m downwind (main and code sail).  Operated on a giant spool, the code sail is smoothly retracted below deck and automatically ready for its next launch.  The wind’s motive power is efficiently harnessed and managed by a Rondal Integrated Sailing System, with captive winches pulling up to 48 tonnes and controlled by advanced push-button technologies.


Despite the high loads, the gigantic mainsail and blade headsail can be hoisted and sheeted within a few minutes. In Silent Mode they can even be launched without starting an engine.


Under sail, APEX 850 will quickly gather pace up to and beyond the prevailing wind speed and is forecasted to achieve 20 knots with ease. APEX 850 is immensely manoeuvrable under main and blade jib and can even be tacked by the helmsman alone. 







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